(Wdevs) Inventory

2006-02-20 #qc,#wdevs

I must admit that I didn’t really succeed in holding my starting objective which was to track my work as I develop another IBuySpy clone.

On the other hand, I succeeded in holding my development objectives :

  • QC provide standard xhtml code and use CSS compliant templates,
  • a Private Assembly architecture with qc.Engine.dll and qc.Classics.dll (with 32 boxes !!!),
  • the data layer works with Access, Sql Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL (although that made a few months that I didn’t test with MySQL and PostgreSQL).

And I have also the excuse to have more or less writed the main step of development on my French weblog.

Today, we use QC as a framework to build web applications in the company where I work. So it’s OK as an intranet/portal engine. On the “CMS” side, it’s not really deployed. We still doing in-house testing (eating our own dog food).

  • Frederic was the first to use it build a site for his village of Condrieu, famous for his “Côtes du Rhône” wines.
  • Since this weekend, Philippe has followed him to put on line a site for la Compagnie Peretti, which realize theater spectacles and puppet show intended to the children.

Normally, this list should increase in the weeks to come (at least of 1 site :).