(Wdevs) MySQL case sensitivity

2004-11-02 #qc,#wdevs

I rename qc_portals to qc_Portals and qc_screens to qc_Screens since my SQL code in Portals.cs and Screens.cs differs from my SQL scripts to create tables.

I’m not sure, but last week it seems that I have an error with “SELECT … FROM qc_Portals” when running on monoForge. I don’t have such an error on my local database.

I don’t know where it come from:

  • I made a mistake,
  • It come from MySQL on a Linux platform,
  • It’s from MySQL Connector/Net,
  • It’s because I use InnoDB engine instead of MyISAM,
  • MySQL on monoForge don’t accept “CHARSET=utf8” in “CREATE TABLE”

Normally, I don’t like languages with case-sensitivity, except when the editor manages all that for me, as with VS.NET and C#. But in practice, I tend to use it in my SQL command so that my code is prettier. So, it’s not a problem and for the moment I will not seek after this behavior.