(Wdevs) Dura Linux, sed Linux

2004-10-26 #qc,#wdevs

My first attempt on linux wasn’t a success. I get an HTTP 500 error message because MySql.Data.dll is not found, although I uploaded it on /htdocs/bin.

So I connect to my local MySQL 4.1 Server and do a “SET PASSWORD FOR root_at_localhost = OLD_PASSWORD(‘newpwd’);” to solve the “Client does not support authentication protocol…” problem. Then I update my source to use ByteFX Data Provider instead of the new MySQL Connector/Net. Now MySqlConnection.open() is ok but I get a new error (something like “Unespected byte flux…” but I don’t note it). It’s like if ByteFX don’t handle MySQL version 4.1.6. So no sample yesterday.

I put a message in monoforge forum and Gianluca will install MySQL Connector/Net. During this time, I rewrite my code to remove all db acces and build a very simple test. It seems to work one time, and now I always get a parser error.

To be continued…