LeMOT - Un jeu de mot chaque jour
LeMOT - Un jeu de mot chaque jour

Share the French Wordle grid

2022-01-23 #javascript#jeux

Until last Sunday, it wasn't very clear that we could share the results in my French Wordle game. Thankfully, I just need a simple screen to solve this problem.

Share the LeMOT grid

At least now it is obvious for everyone that it's possible to share the result of his game. And even that you are strongly invited to do so :)

Before this update, I displayed a short message for 2 or 3 seconds that said "Bravo! Result copied to the clipboard". So you had to be a bit careful to understand that it was possible to share your result, like with the original Wordle.

Not to mention that it's better than automatically paste the grid into the clipboard, without notifying the player. But that's okay, at first I wanted to deploy quickly.

And it's not to brag, but I do feel that shares on Twitter have increased after this small improvment :)

So, don't be afraid to play LeMOT and share your game!