Coquette: 450 icons live from 2009

2020-03-10 #icons

I made a small modification on an old program to add a new button. Since this project is a bit old, it uses the "Coquette" icons that I liked at that time. It's a set of 450 pretty and very colorful icons, with a little casual side that made it easy to get a good quality user interface.

These icons are available in "old" formats (ICNS, ICO and PNG) and in several sizes (16x16px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px). I had a copy of all the icons in 24x24 pixels and I picked one from time to time. Then I changed my PC, switched to other icons and lost this backup.

As it was not easy to find all the icons proposed by DryIcons, I write here the list of the 9 packs they had created:

Maybe I could have upgrade to a modern set of icons, but that wasn't my goal. Plus, I realise that I still like them and that 10 years later they're almost retro...

Version en français : Coquette : 450 icones en direct de 2009.