(Wdevs) One can count only on oneself

2006-05-30 #qc,#wdevs

After the publication of the site for Arsac Voyages, I could note that it was not so easy to reference a website.

It’s not a problem with the major search engine like Google, Msn Search or Yahoo. And it’s ok with Dmoz too.

No, that becomes a deal when you want your site to appear on more local directories. In my case, I naturally wished to record it on directories about Ardèche.

And there, it’s not very brilliant compared to search engine :

  • many directories imperatively requires a back link
  • a majority make only a redirection to your site (like goto.php?id=12345) and not a good old true real hard link
  • there are also all those directories where you have to pay

What has also surprised me, it’s the little number of links which these directories contain :

  • some are really ridiculous with less than one about fifty links which display only after a long travel in an infernal tree structure
  • in the best cases, most serious directories posts between 200 and 300 links, which seemed to me very poor : Ardeche is a “small” department, but not at this point :)

And to crown the whole, the process to submit a new site is not always very simple but on the other hand it’s generally take several weeks to be recorded!

What has to arrive arrived. And I said to myself : I am not so stupid! I can make with QC a better directory than all these things.

Et voila, after a little programming and much input, there is not one but two new sites built with QC :

And once again, thanks to the magic of QC (and CSS :), its possible to obtain two different layout with tyhe same code base.

Edit : and 74 - Haute-Savoie - l’annuaire de la Haute-Savoie : Philippe’s directory for Haute-Savoie websites.