(Wdevs) An academic case for QC

2006-04-10 #qc#wdevs

It's done! I finally put on line the site of the company of autocars in Ard├Ęche (near Aubenas) where my sister works. I'm very proud of it because I entirely build the layout template rather than to re-use a free one. I start with the Skidoo Too layout and by feeding my inspiration from several sources, I imagined a clean and modern design. For me, it proves that QC (with the help of Skidoo Too) is really effective for versatile CSS design. That also shows that the use of the CSS brings a true added value since the site displays perfectly with all browsers.

I worked so that the update of the contents is the easiest possible, without sacrificing too much to the design. For example, there are blocks for the conditions of each travel. The display is pretty sophisticated, but they are very simple to edit. All that the writer have to do, it's to use the wysiwyg editor to set an <h3> tag for the travel title and an <h4> tag for the price. You can see the result on the page for the travels in one day.

One of my other reasons for satisfaction, it is that all the pages of the site are Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional! and that all CSS are almost OK, with the exception of a hack in Skidoo Too which "keeps IE from breaking horribly under narrow viewports".

From today, I can consider that a new stage is reached for QC.