(Wdevs) Wysiwyg and popups

2005-03-17 #qc,#wdevs

I made some new tests for the wysiwyg editor of the Htmltext boxes. This time, I used widgEditor, which suits better to my needs. Like The Man in Blue explains it, I think that other editors are over complicated, but I didn’t want to write a new one editor.

I still have to add some dialog boxes to allow users to:

  • define internal links,
  • create a link to download a file from the webserver,
  • insert an image.

I started to program a dialog box for internal link where users can select one of the screens of the site. I used DestroyDrop to represent the tree structure of the site, since I already employed it for my SitreTree box. With this dialog box, administrator can quickly navigate to another the screen. And when I would use it with widgEditor, it will allow author to create links inside the site. I also plan to call it from Links and Redirect boxes to easily manage the internal links and redirections from these modules.

Concerning the file dialog box, I already write a minimal one from my FileDir box, where I can browse the server file system. I have to add an upload functionality and later try to use thumbnails for image inserting. But it’s ok for a first attempt and it will be sufficient for this time. I preferred to vaste my time to make modifications to call it from boxes where user can give an url to a local file, like Image, FlashFile, SvgFile, XmlFile…

Popups are really not easy to code. I wanted modal dialog at least in Internet Explorer and normal popup with Firefox. Except that links in a window opened by a showModalDialog are a nightmare. Fortunately, I found an article for an ASP.NET Pop-up Date Picker Control where Mark Lubischer explains how he solved this problem with IFrame. Et “cerise sur le gateau”, thanks to him I discovered the “modal=yes” attributes which tell to Firefox to open a modal window.