(Wdevs) Time passes

2005-01-06 #qc#wdevs

and I don't succeed to update this weblog regularly. Concerning my portal tests, that doesn't go either as quickly as I wish it. But let's be positive, I made some progress and from now I have a score of boxes in my 3 toolboxes.

  • Classic : which contains boxes like those in IBuySpy,
  • Extra : with boxes for Flash, Svg, feedback, faq, iframes, file exploration, Google search and ads,
  • Navigation : where I group all boxes dedicated to site navigation (menu, map, breadcrumbs, tree...).

Also I begin to work at the admin part of the site: create a new screen, a sub-screen, admin a screen and insert or admin a box. And practically all my boxes now have a configuration form. I left the document back-end for later and I still look after FreeTextBox, FCKEditor or Cross-Browser RTE although I used htmlArea for wysiwyg in the htmltext box. In fact, I need to add "generic" dialogs in order to select images, internal links or files. First, I could use them in any wysiwyg editor, and later I will add them in the configuration fomr for some boxes (lists, Image, Flash...).

Now I have to make real tests to check that everything is ok on Mono or with an Access database. Next I have to start the security part, with users and roles tables and at least a login box (and a way to select roles in screen or box admin form).

But my current problem is url rewriting. I just write a very simple implementation directly in global.asax.cs and it doesn't handle sub-screens with Mono (test site on monoForge) whereas it's ok with IIS (same code on WDevs). I need to resolve this before updating my demo site.