(Wdevs) An image box

2004-11-15 #qc,#wdevs

Compared to IBuySpy, I use a specific table to store information about the image rather than using the general ModuleSettings table. First, I currently don’t have build a settings table. Second, this box is more an attempt to check what I need to do when creating a new box.

First, the sql scripts to:

  • create table qc_Images, its primary key and the foreign key to link with qc_Boxes
  • add the box type in qc_BoxTypes (INSERT INTO qc_BoxTypes …)
  • add a sample screen in qc_Screens (INSERT INTO qc_Screens …)
  • add a sample box in qc_Images for the sample screen (INSERT INTO qc_Images …)

Second, two class to handle the table:

  • Image : basic properties of an Image box (url, title, link, size…)
  • ImageDB : data logic to add/query/delete within the qc_Images table

Third, a little user web control to display the content.

In the future, I will have to add a web control to edit the content. But currently I use SQL script to update my content.

For the css, I only set a pretty border when the image box is displayed in the middle column. But it should be possible to build something better with some shadows.